About Hemenal

Frequently Asked Questions
A fully owned subsidiary of QNB Finansbank, Hemenal Finansman A.Ş. was founded tapping into in-depth know-how and confidence of QNB Finansbank in the field of finance. It aims to be a company that makes the most of technology, is innovative and  primarily motivated by customer satisfaction.

As you buy the household goods that you choose meticulously on the path to a happy life, or the cell phone that your son really wants, or the energy-saving dishwasher that every mom dreams of, or a large-screen TV that will win the heart of every man; you may not have the habit of using your credit card to not exceed its limit or signing a bond. From this moment on, while shopping with your new payment option Hemenal, the first question you will ask when entering the store will be “Are you a Hemenal-contracted store?”.

That is because we are here to give you the financing you need the moment you want to purchase a product or service, while ensuring that your budget is not disrupted.

We are collaborating with product and service provider brands, particularly those operating in home appliance, furniture, electronics and telecommunications industries, and we stand ready at sales channels of our business partners to meet your financing needs. 

Our Vision is to always keep our innovative structure and to be the first brand and payment method coming into mind when there is a financing need.

Our Mission is to establish a strong Hemenal network by adding value to our business partners and offering benefit to consumers in need of financing with our technology infrastructure that boasts a robust foundation, our team who are experts in financing, and our corporate philosophy which prioritizes business development. 
Please click to access the year-end consolidated and non-consolidated financial statements as approved by our Company’s General Assembly and the independent audit report.