Frequently Asked Questions

Installment payment is also very easy in Hemenal!

You can pay your installments via visiting branches or using internet/mobile branch of the bank Hemenal works with.

Payment via QNB Finansbank Branches

You can pay your installments with your ID and loan reference number by visiting any of QNB Finansbank branches which are located all over Turkey.

Please click here to reach the details of the nearest QNB Finansbank branch.

Payment via QNB Finansbank ATMs

You can pay your installments with your ID and loan reference number through QNB Finansbank ATMs using the Card Transactions menu.

Payment via QNB Finansbank Internet/Mobile Branch

İf you are a QNB Finansbank customer, you can pay your installment with your ID and loan reference number by using the Payments > Institutions > Hemenal menu of the internet/mobile branch.

If you wish, you can also give an automatic payment order for your installments from your account.

Payment via EFT

You can transfer money from your bank account to the account of Hemenal in QNB Finansbank which is TR75-0011-1000-0000-0000-0010-01 by entering "Hemenal Finansman A.Ş." to the receiver’s field and writing your ID number in the description field. Please note that if you forget to write your ID number, money you tried to transfer will be returned to your account the same day.

Early Payment or Interim Payment

You can reach the details of your loan and have the receipts of your payments through internet banking of Hemenal. You can also call Customer Services which is 0 850 222 0 415 for further information.