Be a Hemenal Business Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

I become a Partner with Hemenal because:

Working with its polite, knowledgeable and supportive field force makes me feel I am valued. I can increase my sales with campaigns designed by Hemenal specific to my store, and products.

While my customers enjoy their tea, "In-Store Credit System" which I use for credit transactions provides me with everything I need! Installment accounts quickly complete credit transactions and even do document tracking for me. What's more, the summary credit report on this system allows me to see the daily and total credit I made available and to check my account.

Regional Managers of Hemenal who always visit my store, asks how I am, and who are enthusiastic about business are one call away, and the support teams are always there to solve any problem I have and to support me.

Business owners wishing to expand their business must definitely meet with financing expert and technophileHemenal.

Besides, thanks to the cooperation of Hemenal and Gönder-al, your customers can easily pay credit installments easily via your dealer!

How can I sell with Hemenal credit?

First you need to become Hemenal's business partner. We will be happy to cooperate with you.

How can I become a Hemenal business partner?

You need to complete the application form "I want to become Hemenal Business Partner". In line with the information given in the form, we will perform your financial evaluation and get in touch with you.

What are the key things to consider when completing the form to become a business partner?

Your information must be accurate and up-to-date.

Even if the brand for which I am a dealer does not have a contractual relationship with Hemenal, can I still enter into an agreement?

Yes, you can.

What type of companies can become a Hemenal business partner?

Private companies, limited liability companies and joint stock companies can become Hemenal business partners.

If my Financial Evaluation is positive, what happens next?

İf the Financial Evaluation is positive, we will call you to inform you about the documents you need to make ready and make an appointment for a date you are available. When our Regional Manager who will be dealing with you comes to visit your store, you will be required to read, review and sign the Hemenal Dealer Agreement and provide required documents to our Regional Manager. Following detailed information and training about Hemenal In-Store Credit System (MIKS) which you will use, you are ready to make credit available!

Hemenal provides credit to which industries?

Credits are provided to industries which are providing consumer services such as white goods, furniture, telecommunication, healthcare, training etc.

For which products in my store I can use Hemenal credit?

You can use the credit for all products which you sell in your store.

Can I sell with Hemenal credit for all amounts?

Your customers can use Hemenal credit for product purchasing for at least TRY 500.

If enter into an agreement with Hemenal, can I still continue to sell via credit card and promissory notes?

Hemenal is an alternative means of payments in addition to payment via cash, credit card, promissory notes etc.

What is the term of business partnership agreement with Hemenal?

The term of business partnership agreement with Hemenal is 1 year, and the agreement will be renewed unless parties wish to terminate at the end of 1 year.

The dealers in which cities can enter into agreement with Hemenal?

We can cooperate with all stores in all cities in Turkey.

If I have any issue with Hemenal, who can I contact with?

İf you have any issues or need support, you can contact with our store managers as detailed in In-Store Credit System, which we prepared specially for our business partners.

Why will my customers prefer Hemenal credit?

With Hemenal credit, your customers can get the product(s) they need
  • Without using their credit card limits
  • Without going to the branch to use personal loan
  • Without find a guarantor and signing a promissory note
  • With a term of up to 36 months for products with limited installment
  • Easily, shortly and with less documents without getting out of the store.

For Hemenal loan application,

  • National ID card (must including Turkish ID number).

How can I ensure that Hemenal loan installments are paid in my store?

To do  this, you can be a Payment Services agent of Gönder-al which is a BDDK licensed payment organization with which have an agreement. In order to apply for becoming an agent just click here and follow the relevant steps. Once your application is received by the company, authorized officials will contact you to provide the details.