We Add Tech to Finance!

Frequently Asked Questions

Technology carries your life forward, with its changemaker and innovative force. We took the power of technology, combined our finance expertise with the digital age’s service motto - “better, faster and easier”-, and founded a fin-tech company. We made our services user friendly, and designed a new payment system to meet all your needs.

As a retail-focused finance technologies company, Hemenal offers a finance system that understands and meets the needs of brands and customers equally. Our biggest strength is to offer needs-oriented solutions for our customers and business partners based on our in-depth industry analyses; and our ideal is to offer the kind of services that help our customers to achieve their dreams and the retail sector to grow.

We take customer experiences and needs into account as we improve our technological infrastructure and all our channels that engage the brands and consumers. That is because we know that finance is not just made up of figures. We use finance as an instrument by which our customers will achieve their dreams, and in doing so, we reshape the finance industry.