Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hemenal different from consumer loans?

Yes, it is different.
  • You don’t go to a branch for Hemenal loan,
  • You sign fewer documents for application,
  • Maximum loan you can get equals invoice amount of product(s) you buy.

For which of my needs can I take Hemenal loan?

You can get Hemenal loan for all products available at stores of Hemenal-contracted brands.

Which brands can I buy with Hemenal loan?

Call the Hemenal Call Center to learn our contracted stores.

Who can apply for Hemenal loan?

Any one who has a Turkish identity number and is at the age of 18-69 may apply for Hemenal loan. The following will be taken into account in the decision to respond to your application positively:
  • Having a regular and registered professional income
  • Regular payment of your previous loans/credit card debts
  • A reasonable proportion between your existing loan/credit card debts at all banks and your registered professional income

How do I apply for Hemenal loan?

You may apply for your Hemenal loan at our business partner stores, through the application request to be made by customer representatives on your behalf.

Do I need a guarantor for approval of my Hemenal loan?

You don’t need a guarantor to use Hemenal loan.

Which documents should I present to apply for Hemenal loan?

For Hemenal loan application, the following will be sufficient,
  • Your identity card or driving license (must include your Turkish identity number)

Which documents should I sign to apply for Hemenal loan?

After your Hemenal loan is approved, you may complete your transaction by signing,
  • Pre-agreement information form,
  • Finance agreement,
  • Payment plan,

In addition, you can complete your loan transactions with only one signature in your Customer Framework Agreement.

How long does it take to approve my Hemenal loan application?

Your application is immediately evaluated at contracted stores and the result is informed to you at once.

How much loan can I get?

A maximum limit specific to you is determined following evaluation of your application. The loan amount you are allowed to get may change depending on the store, brand and product.

What is the minimum/maximum product price for which can I get Hemenal loan?

With Hemenal, you may take get in the minimum amount of 500 TL and maximum amount of 30,000 TL*.
*Maximum loan amount that can be issued may vary depending on the sector of the product / service purchased.

What is the minimum/maximum number of installments?

Maximum maturity is 48 months for education loans, 6 months for mobile phone-tablet-computer purchases and 36 months for other loans.

Minimum maturity for mobile phone-tablet-computer purchases is 6 months and for other loans is 9 months.

What are Hemenal loan fees?

Loan application fee is collected at the rate of 0.5% of the loan amount. Banking Insurance Transaction Tax (BITT) is applied to the consumer loan at the rate of 5% of the loan application fee. If you choose to have a life insurance during your loan maturity, insurance premium also will be added to your loan amount.

Where can I pay my installments?

Click here to access installment payment options and points, or call our call center (0850 222 0 415) and access “Points of Payment” menu.

Can I pay on my salary day?

Yes, you can. During loan usage transaction, you may set the installment payment day to be your salary day.

How can I learn my loan number?

To learn your loan number, click “Remind My Loan Number” button available at the homepage of Online Transactions Center, create a request from the page which is "askhemenal", or call our call center – 0850 222 0 415.

How can I log into Hemenal Online Transactions?

Please click to log into Hemenal Online Transactions.

Which transactions can I perform at Hemenal Online Transactions?

On Hemenal Online Transactions, you can access all your loan details, payment plan and loan documentation, and view your installment payment receipts.